Safety & fun are our top priorities – how we are handling COVID-19 concerns

Party Packages  – Until further guidance dictates that groups of 25 people can congregate, all parties at Monkey Bizness locations will now be private group parties.

Party Guest Limits – We are only allowed to have 50 people (kids and adults) in our store at one time.  We strongly suggest that you encourage guests to drop off their children for the duration of the party.  We had adjusted our pricing accordingly for this change.

Time Between Parties – All Monkey Bizness locations will follow the procedures outlined within this guide. However, stores must ensure that proper cleaning times are allocated between each party.  Party schedules will need to be changed so that there are 30 minutes between use of the play floor and café so that cleaning procedures can be completed.

Party Exit / Entrance – Monkey Bizness employees should ensure that timing is aligned so that individual parties will enter and exit the facility at staggered times.

Food Safety – Blowing out birthday candles is a huge highlight of every child’s birthday.  However, based on CDC guidance, people are much more likely to be infected with COVID-19 through breathing in cough and sneeze droplets then touching surfaces.  As a result, we will alter how we handle this tradition.  Our party hosts will cut a piece of cake for the birthday child and then put the candles on just that piece.  The birthday child will then blow out their candles at the head table.

We will also be providing individual cups to children and guests as they enter the room.  Each cup will be a different color and have the guest’s name written on it, so there will be no confusion about which cup they should drink from.

Child Seating – Where possible, we will put more distance between child seating in our party rooms.

Each of our parties comes with a private party host who sets up and cleans up your party room.  We also provide all utensils, plates, and cups for your big event.  Lastly, you can order food directly through us either prior to your party or the day of. 

You should plan to bring a cake or other birthday treats.  You are allowed to bring light snacks for your guests and other decorations you may want for your time in our party room. (NOTE: If you bring in a meal, you will be charged our outside food fee).

If you are lucky, there may not be another semi-private party booked during your time… now may have a private party for the cost of our semi-private package. 

You can also save on party invitations by using Adobe invitations on our site and emailing them to your guests. 

How much time is the party?

Our typical party includes 60 minutes on our play floor and 30 minutes in your own, private party room.  For our open play parties, we do allow your guests to go back onto the play floor after your time in your party room is done. 

I would like more time in our party room, is that possible? 

Yes, you are able to purchase an additional 15 minutes in your private party room for $30. 

What is your cancellation policy?

A $100 deposit is due at the time of booking and will be applied to the balance of your party. A portion of the deposit is refundable up to 21 days from the date of your party.No refunds will be made if it is within 21 days from the date of your party.

What if I have more party kids than the package I selected? 

No problem!  You just pay the regular admission price for any extra children. 

Large Single Topping Pizza $13.99
Pitcher of Soda (1 refill) $4.95 each
Pizza/Drink Combo (1 refill) $14.95 each
Additional Children Regular Admission Price
Capri Sun $0.50 each
LMB Water Bottle $2.00 each
Balloons $1.09 each

**We do charge $20 for any outside food or drinks other than cake/treats and water brought in. Pizza IS ALLOWED to be brought in, subject to the $19.99 outside food charge.
* Unscheduled or walk-in parties are NOT allowed.
* No alcohol is allowed on the premises.